7 Must-Do's For Preparing To List Your Property


1. Walk through your house as if you're seeing it for the first time to potentially buy it.

Look for damage you can fix, dated items you can replace such as hardware and ensure it flows well from room to room.  Declutter, remove oversized furniture, keep decor simple and remove personal items.  Make it as bright as possible by uncovering windows and adding lamps where there isn’t a lot of light.

2. Improve curb appeal.

Trim shrubs, weed flower beds, repair exterior wear, keep walkways clear and add plants to make your home immediately appealing to potential buyers viewing it.  First impressions matter and a bad one can taint the buyer’s opinion for the rest of the home tour.

3. First impressions matter when entering the house.

Maximize your chances of a positive initial impression upon entering your home.  Make sure the key provided to your realtor is to enter the door leading to the most appealing looking area, even if this isn’t the ‘practical’ entrance that you commonly use.  Ensure this area is free of clutter, clean, repaired and nicely staged for a welcoming feel.

4. Smells matter.

Get rid of anything that may be holding pet odours.  Don’t cook something with a lingering smell such as bacon or seafood on a showing day.  Make sure everything looks and smells clean and add nice smells for showings that are not over powering.  Some suggest the smells of baking, but research shows ‘clean’ smells are actually more effective (ex: lemon).

5. ‘Bang for your buck’ updates

Repaint with neutral colours to prevent offending any tastes or styles.  This will cover any marks, flaws or dirt that could turn off potential buyers.  Highlight the most desirable features with a plant or something colourful to draw the buyer’s eye to the feature.  Update any obviously out-of-date items within your budget restrictions (faucets, knobs, handles, hardware).  Minimize undesirable flooring by adding clean modern rugs. Update curtains & cushions.

6. For your own comfort and security...

Remove anything you don’t want people seeing during showings.  Because buyers are looking for a space they will be living their daily life in, they will be looking in your closets, cupboards and just about anywhere else.  Also, put valuables in a locked place (just in case). If you work from home determine in advance somewhere you can go during showings.  Do the same for any pets whenever possible.

7. Choose an experienced realtor with a proven track record of success.

They will determine an accurate list price to get the correct potential buyers through the door, help you navigate the process of selling, buffer the potentially emotional aspects of selling your home, negotiate the sale once an offer comes and ensure nothing gets missed between the first steps and closing. 

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