Developing Waterfront Land

Developing Waterfront Land

There are many lakes in Haliburton County to consider when looking for that perfect lot to develop/build on. Something many people don’t consider is the capacity of that lake.

Before being approved to develop land with waterfront, you must be assured that the proposed development does not exceed the capacity of the lake.

This plan recognizes the following factors as limiting lake capacity:

  • Water quality

  • Surface capacity for recreation

  • Shoreland development capability

  • Lake trophic state

Where development is proposed on waterfront lands of lakes shared with a neighbouring municipality, they will be consulted in regard to capacity issues.

If you are interested in knowing what lakes in are at capacity, you can visit the Haliburton County website or any of the 4 municpal websites and look for the official plan which lists the lakes that are at capacity and ones that are not.

Below is a list of some of the lakes in Haliburton County that list what is at capacity/what is not. 

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