Questions to Ask Before Investing in Lakefront Property:


Before deciding which lakefront properties to look at, you can save yourself a lot of time (and kilometers) by first narrowing the search to fit your preferences and lifestyle.  We’ve come up with a list of questions to help you decide what to look at, and some things you may have to take into consideration before making a purchase.  Most people need to stay within a certain budget so decide what you are and are not willing to compromise on to find a property that meets your needs but still fits your budget.

  1. Lot Elevation – Do you want a flat lot with gradual shallow entry, or do you prefer some elevation for an exceptional view?  For us, with a herd of small children, a shallow entry waterfront is non-negotiable.  But some people live for a breathtaking view and will spend most of their time on their deck or by their windows rather than in the water so they prefer to have some stairs to the waterfront and an elevated view.
  2. Size and Type of Lake – Do you want endless miles of boating provided by a connecting chain of lakes?  Or do you hate the sound of motors and want a motor free lake you can canoe or kayak on peacefully?  Do you plan to be swimming a lot and hate weeds touching your toes when you do so?  Maybe you want to be on the best lake for fishing?  Though large lakes tend to command more money, they also have more traffic and some people want a lakefront retreat offering nothing but peace and serenity.  If a property is located on a narrows between larger areas of lake, you can expect to have more boats travelling past you to get where they’re going as compared to a bay leading to nowhere.  Do the water levels fluctuate much?  Are there any erosion issues?

Once a certain property piques your interest on the type of lake you like, with the elevation you like, there are some things you are going to want to find out about it.

  1. Access – How do you access the property?  Is there a documented right of way?  Are there any road dues cottage owners are responsible for?  Do you plan to use it all year long?  If so, is the road plowed in the winter?
  2. Exposure – Are you a morning person looking for more morning sun or do you want the sun to be on you until later in the evening?  When relaxing on the deck or dock are you staring out at a run-down building or highway that might start to bother you?
  3. Wildlife – What kind of animals do you need to be aware of?  Do flocks of geese frequent the property and make deposits along your shoreline?  

If you find yourself thinking “how could I possibly know all of these answers”, don’t stress that’s what we’re here for!  Our agents are experts in all things Haliburton Highlands and would be happy to help you find the perfect property to fit your unique needs all while educating you on value and ensuring you don’t overpay.  Contact us at 705-457-9999 or to get started.  View all of our current listings at

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